Our Pristine Source

Click here to view our water certification documentLanark Pure collects natural water from our pristine source and delivers to you absolute purity in the process. After oxygen, water is our most important molecule-the source of all life on earth. Lanark Pure takes pride in the quality control steps we use everyday to ensure that you are receiving the purest, cleanest, most refreshing natural water. As a Lanark Pure customer, you can be absolutely confident that your water is natural, pure, healthy and safe.

The source of Lanark Pure is ground water that has taken Mother Nature years to filter naturally. Lanark Pure spring water is filtered by multiple layers of rock weathering and soil formation removing ions, and undesirable compounds at depths well below the earth's surface and later returning by springing forth from artesian flows. Our customers confidently consume our water knowing that it has come from a protected private source with no industry or farming on or around it and protected from contamination.

Tested Daily

Lanark Pure water is tested daily and consistently exceeds stringent levels set by the Canadian Food and Drug Inspection Agency for quality, purity, and safety.Lanark Pure water is tested daily and consistently exceeds stringent levels set by the Canadian Food and Drug Inspection Agency for quality, purity, and safety. Our in house testing is further backed by independent weekly testing. Our pristine spring water naturally contains no metal, sodium, additives or chemicals. We provide you with exceptional water created by Mother Nature.

Everyday at Lanark Pure we combine our exceptional water quality and superb customer service to provide you with the best we have to offer.

Bottling Process

Before being bottled, Lanark Pure spring water goes through an environmentally friendly, odourless and safe ozonation process to ensure that no bacteria are present.

Once the ozonation process is complete, the water is then pumped into sterilized bottles specifically made for bottled water. The sterilized full bottles are then capped, dated, stacked and loaded on a truck bringing you what we believe to be the best tasting, cleanest most refreshing natural water available.


We treat our natural spring water with ozonization. Ozone is found commonly in Nature and is a powerful water sanitizer. Ozone is formed when lightning bolts occur, or when electrical discharge creates a spark. It can also result from direct ultraviolet radiation from the sun reacting with the earth's atmosphere. Generating Ozone is a relatively simple process. Ordinary air is the raw material, the majority of which is diatomic oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2).

Diatomic oxygen is a molecule composed of two oxygen atoms (O) held together by four shared electrons. As the air is drawn through the Ozone reaction chamber, energy is supplied which splits some oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms. Some of the atoms then react with oxygen molecules to form Ozone (O3).Lanark Pure monitors and samples Ozone levels in our water during the bottling process to guarantee optimum performance of the Ozone. Ozone has been used to sterilize water as far back as 1929.

Reverse Osmosis

As another option to our customers, Lanark Pure offers Reverse Osmosis or Deminerialized water. Reverse osmosis is a very efficient filtering system designed to produce clean drinking water. The process is similar to that of naturally occurring osmosis, where pure water is drawn through a permeable "membrane" or surface into a salt solution.

With Reverse Osmosis, pressure is exerted on untreated water so that the natural process is reversed and is forced through the membrane, which acts as an extremely fine filter. The result is pure water that is 99.9% mineral free.

Reverse Osmosis water is created at Lanark Pure using municipal tap water that is sent through membranes, ultra violet light, a finishing filter for superb taste and finally through Ozone resulting in extremely clean drinking water.

Reasons To Choose Lanark Pure

Service: Our mission is to provide you with the cleanest most refreshing natural water in the world with unrivalled service. Every employee at Lanark Pure is committed to excellence in customer service; we listen to you and deliver what you want when you want it.

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